17 January 14

 After wednesday’s introductory interview, Maria takes over today as guest illustrator, writing about- and illustrating Central Saint Martins students.

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Yesterday morning I was leaving my flat for another day at CSM. As I went towards the tube station, I saw a girl who was heading the same direction. As I walked behind her I could have sworn that she is one of CSM’s students. And to my surprise, I was right – just before entering the building I saw her again, greeting her friends in front of the colorful CSM fountain.

So, what is so recognizable about CSM students? In my opinion, it is the immaculate sense of proportion in their garment choice, whether elegant, minimalistic or wild; the vast sense of proportion is always present. I see many people outside the CSM ‘gates’ who dress in the most wrong and mundane way- those ‘outsiders’ are afraid to take chances and get out of their comfort zone. Many people have had their own fashion disaster moments but eventually found their style, and they look gorgeous! I would like to present in blog three memorable looks of CSM students.

Each of the CSM students has their own personal style – a passport to any success, their style would never blend into the background, and their look will be always unique and separate from other people on the street.

On this last note I would like to share with you a short passage from William Somerset Maugham’s Somerset’s The Moon and Sixpence. I love how Somerset describes the mundane people, who are the complete opposite from the CSM philosophy.

 “…As they stand they are like the figures in an old tapestry; they do not separate themselves from the background, and at a distance seem to lose their pattern, so that you have little but a pleasing piece of colour. My only excuse is that the impression they made on me was no other. There was just that shadowiness about them which you find in people whose lives are part of the social organism, so that they exist in it and by it only.”